Yetev Lev Court infill

Residential infill at Yetev Lev Court E5 for AIHA


Yetev Lev Court is an existing development in Hackney for the Orthodox Jewish community, comprising 36 flats fronting a communal garden.  STF secured planning permission for an infill between the two existing blocks, to create one new 4-bedroom 8-person house and four new 4-bedroom 7-person flats.  In addition, six existing 2-bedroom 4-person flats have been enlarged and provided with lift access and rear balconies, providing a total of 36 additional habitable rooms.

Construction is expected to reach completion in July 2016 at a cost approaching £2M.

  • YLC DSCF0671
  • YLC DSCF0669
  • YLC DSCF0668
  • YLC DSCF0657
  • YLC DSCF0654
  • YLC DSCF0652
  • YLC DSCF0653