New dwellings in Willesden Green

New flats in Willesden Green, NW10

STF have submitted a pre-app for a corner block of 9 new flats land in Brent, plus a row of 8 mews houses in a narrow strip of land next door.  The proposal provides amenity space, and incorporates environmental initiatives such as being car-free, maximising daylight, and renewable sources of energy, and does not adversely impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties or occupiers.

The proposals are intended to upgrade a site which has been vacant for 17 years, into a residential enclave that will improve the streetscape and provide much needed, good quality housing in the borough. 

It respects the scale, massing and materials of the surrounding houses and buildings and will transform a vacant, blighted site that has polluting temporary use at present, into a desirable new residential quarter.

The three-storey flats are set back at roof level to reduce the apparent massing.  The fronts of the mews houses appear as two storeys, similar to the surrounding houses. The backs have sloped tiled roofs which dip down to the scale of the back garden walls of the adjacent neighbouring houses.

  • Strode Road – 01
  • Strode Road – 02
  • Strode Road – 03
  • Strode Road – 04